Otyoo Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi

We produce electronic devices and softwares under various fields and brands. We have various industrial automation devices, softwares, home automation products, vehicle automation products and lighting control devices. You can find detailed information about the products on the product brand's own website. This site contains general information about our company.


Our Brands

Some of our product groups

Modbus IO Devices

Low cost, high-quality IO devices that you can use in all your PLC, HMI and SCADA software that supports the Modbus protocol. Digital and analog input devices, relays or analog output devices, there are also devices such as sensor readers.

Gsm Control and Notification Device

These are devices that can inform you via message (sms), email or phone call depending on the change in input status. The devices do not require an extra phone or a GSM modem. The sim card is inserted directly into the device.

Converters and Gateways

We have devices such as USB-RS485 converters, RS485 RF converters, Gprs-RS232 converters or modbus gateway devices. These devices provide benefits in both protocol conversions and signal transport operations.

Gsm Access Control Devices

You no longer need to carry a card, remote control or key to open your door.With these devices, you do not need to use card access and remote control systems, which are quite costly.

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